Fátima, Batalha, Óbidos

Fátima, Batalha, Óbidos

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1 Day tour - arround 8 hours Starting in Fátima, visiting Batalha and Óbidos.
  • Tour description

    • Visit starts in Fátima, catholic religious portuguese capital. Then we travel to Batalha see the monastery and then Óbidos village.
    • Since this is a personalized tour everything can be ajusted according to costumer wil or interests.
  • Batalha

    • Batalha Monastery it's another precious of the Manueline, a portuguese architecture style. Built to remenber one of the most important hapenings in Portuguese history. The victory on Aljubarrota Battle. Due to a Spanish atempt to conquer this territory with it's army that was 3 times superior in number.
    • It's an impressive building. It's dificult to keep the eyes away.
    • It's "unfinished chapels" once called "imperfect" for not having a built roof, are breath taking. And a nice ode to the "perfection of the unfinished". If you pay close attention you might be able to reach God. =)
  • Óbidos

    • Óbidos is another MG, Must Go place in Portugal.
    • It's a medieval village all surrounded by walls, very well preserved and a trully pleasure to walk around the walls or just get lost on the narrow streets and breathe that medieval ambiance.
    • I recomend to taste the "kind of cherry" (Ginja in Portuguese) Liquor on a chocolate cup and the ready made hot bread with meat stuff on it.
  • Fátima

    • Fatima, needs no words to describe it. If you want to visit it, that's because you know it.  =)