Monte do Sol

Monte do Sol

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1 Day tour - arround 8 hours in Cabo de Espichel, Sesimbra, Arrábida e Setúbal
  • Tour description

    • Tour starts visiting Cabo Espichel, followed by Sesimbra´s Castle, the port and the village, then cross the Arrábida Natural Park and finally we reach the city of Setúbal.
    • The Nature's beauty has a strong presence on this circuit.
    • Since this is a personalized tour everything can be ajusted according to costumer will or interests.
  • Cabo Espichel

    • Cabo Espichel, composed by an remote, intense and isolated sanctuary building, a small arabic chapel and a light house.
    • It's spartan and raw construction, make us feel the intensity of it's simple beauty and charm. The place is powerful, intense and breath taking.
    • Another magical place.
  • Sesimbra

    • Sesimbra is a small city by the sea, buiit on a former fisherman village has the beach and the fresh fish as it's main attraction.
    • It's the perfect spot to enjoy a meal of portuguese fresh fish specialities.
  • Arrábida

    • Arrábida Natural Park, is an amazing and wonderful sense experience. Specially after a good lunch at Sesimbra. Traveling across the hilly roads of this natural park is tremendouly relaxing. The views are endless and breth taking, the water as an inviting blue and the green vegetation is all around.
    • Definitly the best way to go from Sesimbra to Setúbal.
  • Setúbal

    • Setúbal, is a small city located by the ocean at the Sado river delta, facing south at Tróia Península.
    • Another wonderful place to enjoy a good meal of fresh fish.
    • The city, specially the center is charming and calm.
  • Monte do Sol

    Monte do Sol in English, Sun Montain, or the Father, get's it's name along with Sintra's Mountain, known also as the Moon Montain, or the Mother.

    Esotherical belivers embrace the idea that the space between these two montains, is a womb, where something magical is being generated. And at the right moment will born and be manifest. ;)