Mafra, Alcobaça, Óbidos

Mafra, Alcobaça, Óbidos

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1 Day tour - arround 8 hours Starting in Mafra , visiting Alcobaça and Óbidos.
  • Tour description

    • The tour starts in Lisbon, where we drive to Mafra to visit it's Palace and Convent. Then we go to Alcobaça to visit the monastery. After that we head to Óbidos a medieval vilage. Finaly we return to your Hotel or any other destination you prefer.
    • This circuit is possible can include the visit to Nazaré.
    • Since this is a personalized tour everything can be ajusted according to costumer will or interests
  • Mafra National Palace and Convent

    • Mafra National Palace is the bigest historical buiding in Portugal. Impressive by it's dimention.
    • It worth the visit of it's wide and beautiful Library, with it's ecological maintenence, relying on bats (During the night) to keep the insects away from the books.
  • Alcobaça Monastery

    • Alcobaça Monastery it's an amazing, magical building with the knight tales feeling while visiting it.
    • The Kitchen where the small river still pass inside, the refectory and the sleeping chamber are absolutely amazing, beautiful and architecturaly poetic.
    • In the Chirch you can find Peter and Inês tumbs. King Peter the 1st, married Inês, some years after she was killed, by orders of Petrer's Father. This is a very known romantic story in Portugal
  • Óbidos

    • Óbidos is another MG, Must Go place in Portugal.
    • It's a medieval village all surrounded by walls, very well preserved and a trully pleasure to walk around the walls or just get lost on the narrow streets and breathe that medieval ambiance.
    • I recomend to taste the "kind of cherry" (Ginja in Portuguese) Liquor on a chocolate cup and the ready made hot bread with meat stuff on it.