Évora, Monsaraz

Évora, Monsaraz

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1 Day tour - around 8 hours in Évora and Monsaraz
  • Tour description

    • We leave Lisbon through Vasco da Gama bridge, and head to Évora enjoying country side landscape. Arrive and visit Visit Évora. Then we drive to Monsaraz, and on the right momento we return to Lisbon.
    • If desired you can visit only Évora and the megalithic stones.
    • Since this is a personalized tour everything can be ajusted according to costumer will or interests.
  • Évora

    • Évora is a small city on the south of Portugal, in Alentejo region, on the way to Badajoz, Spain.
    • This small city is amazingly charming, full of history and a wonderful place to try the South Portuguese food. 
    • Magical and historical enviorenment is found and felt while you visit the city


  • Monsaraz

    • Monsaraz is (in my opinion) one of the (MG) must go places in Portugal, and if possible rest there for at least one night. All streets and houses are made of shale (Xisto in Portuguese), with white and blue lime painted walls.
    • Truly a magical place where you can feel the silence through your skin. A place to go a step further in your deep self discovery.
    • It's my favorite place in Portugal.