Hello I'm Fernando!  =)



If you accept our services, I will be your host (and Special Agent =)  ) for a few hours.

Meanwhile I would like to share some things about me in a short and fast way.


I believe life is funny. I find every aspect of it amusing and entertaining.


Laughing is a therapy that I try to use when naturally possible.


I smile to life. It’s the way I found to make it smile me back.


I believe quality, professionalism and rigour are perfectly compatible with joy, happiness and sense of humour.


I believe this business should be productive and very efficient…

Very efficient producing friends.


I believe that I reap what I've planted. So I pay good attention to what I am sowing.


I try to “Always look at the bright side of life”!


How do I see me in words:

Humorous - Dreamer - Believer - Calm - “Bright Sider“   =)

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